‘Fun’ Weekend Get-Away!!

Log Cabin Ad

Come camping. The invite said. It’ll be fun. It proclaimed. What sold Samantha on the whole thing, was the ‘Bug Free Cabin’ promised. And that had been true enough. There wasn’t a single spider, mosquito, or other creepy crawler anywhere near the cabin. Nope, not a bug in sight. And as Samantha struggled feebly against the ropes tying her to a metal table that was heating up far faster than her own body temperature should be making it; she laughed at the idea that she would welcome an ant right about now.


It might distract her from the realization that she wasn’t going to leave this god-forsaken cabin alive. Her laughter quickly turned to tears when she heard her friend, Elizabeth, scream in pain as a man in a mask of some sort raised a huge knife over his head and slash it down into her stomach over and over again. Samantha wondered blearily, as another masked man entered her field of vision, if she’d told her mother she loved her before she left the house.

Marcus Miller with screwdriver


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