‘Fun’ Weekend Get-Away!!

Log Cabin Ad

Come camping. The invite said. It’ll be fun. It proclaimed. What sold Samantha on the whole thing, was the ‘Bug Free Cabin’ promised. And that had been true enough. There wasn’t a single spider, mosquito, or other creepy crawler anywhere near the cabin. Nope, not a bug in sight. And as Samantha struggled feebly against the ropes tying her to a metal table that was heating up far faster than her own body temperature should be making it; she laughed at the idea that she would welcome an ant right about now.


It might distract her from the realization that she wasn’t going to leave this god-forsaken cabin alive. Her laughter quickly turned to tears when she heard her friend, Elizabeth, scream in pain as a man in a mask of some sort raised a huge knife over his head and slash it down into her stomach over and over again. Samantha wondered blearily, as another masked man entered her field of vision, if she’d told her mother she loved her before she left the house.

Marcus Miller with screwdriver


Sariah Travels

Sariah travels and the air crackles with life. She flies through the sky and the clouds part around her. Her possibilities are endless. Her love awaits her on ground that will soon feel familiar as her own skin.

Sariah Air

Sariah travels and the ground is sturdy under her feet. Her love walks beside her, always beside. Experiencing well-trod paths through eyes full of starlight and wonder. The world is anew, they feel it all.

Sariah Walks

Sariah travels doesn’t fear the unknown. She knows, with her love, she can face any challenge. They will take on the world together.

Sariah Wanderlust

Sariah travels, Sariah lives.


Sariah Feels

Sariah feels Love and the world knows a long warm Spring. She is at once a woman content to look at the beauty around her, and a child wanting nothing more than to frolic and play.

Spring Love

Sariah feels Sadness and the world is flooded with the rain of her tears. She is at once a woman who understands the loss of innocence, and a child who doesn’t understand.

Sad Rain

Sariah feels Fear and the world is a rush of bitter cold wind. She is at once a woman and a child.

Fear Cold Wind

Sariah feels Strength and the world is enriched. She is at once a woman who knows what she needs, and a child who has picked itself up after falling.

Sariah Strength


Of Loss and Gain – The Crimson Drip Challenge.

She didn’t even realise anything had happened until she saw the fat, crimson drips splatting on the floor beneath her. She knew then that it was done, because the color was so vivid. Intellectually she knew all the colors of the rainbow and all the shades in between, but she’d never experienced any of them before. So to see that shade of red and know instinctively that it was coming from her both excited and saddened her. Then she was struck with the realisation that she could feel excitement and sadness. She was at the same time freed and tethered. For a moment she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. When she saw the first fluffy, pure white feather drift down and land amongst the red she did both.